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1 Hours 15 Minutes

Directed by

Gopal Tiwari

Written by

Gopal Tiwari






Bhupesh Singh, Sharib Hashmi, Sarika Singh, Mayur More, Trisha Kale, Dhwani Dutt/Charvi Ojha, Nischal Chandra, Nitin Bhardwaj, Mohit Agarwal, Prashant Amlani

Age group

5 to 12 years


Dance, Musical, Children

Total Cast and Crew



Shailesh Hejmady/ Hidayat Sami

Set heavy production


Performing at alternative venues


An imaginative and mischievous girl named Tunni lives with her family in a village. She is very much fascinated with the various story books and their characters. Tunni starts living with the characters and the situations narrated in the story. Tunni’s musical journey begins with her retiring to bed with the story book on. She now finds herself in a new dynasty of colours. Red, Green and Blue.  She first enters a barricaded region which is called “Lalampur” which is fully red in colour. The trees, flowers, mud everything there is red.  In this region she first meets a girl named “Laali”, she is the princess of Lalampur. Tunni makes friends with her and asks her to take her around the place. Laali happily takes her around, while they are roaming lalampur, Tunni spots a fenced region, Laali explicates Tunni about the restrictions of not entering the other two regions green and blue as all the three regions have signed a treaty of not entering each other’s zone.  Tunni being the adventurous one, doesn’t  comply and drags  Laali along inside the “Hararabad ”. In Hararabad , they run into a boy named “Hariya aka harrya” Hariya aka harrya is shocked to see the two girls inside his region, Tunni makes friends with Hariya aka harry and they all three roam the Hararabad . Tunni is very excited seeing the two new places and wants to now enter the Blue zone called “Neelagarh”. Hariya aka harrya doesn’t want to join her in this adventure., Tunni being Tunni pulls him in and all three enter the blue land , neelampur . Amidst their walk in the blue zone they are caught by the soldiers of Neelampur’s king named “Neelalu” . The kids are brought to the King. The King calls for Laali’s father “Laalam Laal” and Hararabad ’s King “King Hariprasad” All three kings meet over the issue of kids crossing the borders illegally. Tunni is declared as the culprit, before the punishment is announced suddenly, a Blue soldier reports that a “Smocky” the queen of Pollutionpur is on her way to destroy them all. All the Kings get alarmed and are dreaded to save their individual kingdoms. Tunni intervenes and suggests all the members to get together to form a rainbow at the main gate of the RGB kingdom. This way the black will not be able to harm them. The Kings first deny and then later give in. Smocky comes, sees the rainbow and returns back to her own kingdom. Tunni then explains about the power of togetherness and bids everybody a good bye. She wakes up in the morning and illustrates the colour kingdom in her assignment.

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