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1 Hours 05 Minutes



Written by

Dhanendra Kawade

Directed by

Dhanendra Kawade


Musical, Children



Age group

5 to 12 years


Kiran Pavaskar, Dhanendra Kawade, Ishita Doshi , Ayaz Ansari

Total Cast and Crew




Set heavy production


Performing at alternative venues



Nature has given a wonderful tool to the chameleon. Blend in, and survive. But what happens when nature itself starts to run out of color. That is the question we raise in ‘Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit’. Trees run short of green, the sky has no more blue left and the sun is running out of red. In short, nature is losing a war. A war that has been started by the humans against no in particular. A phenomenon that we call: global warming.
Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit’ ‘isn’t a sermon on how to help save the planet. It is instead the story of a simple chameleon with just one aim: to bring back color in to his life. That is his sole mission. A mission that will expose him to the various perils mankind has brought upon himself. The tone is always to inform the audience and engage them to think about what we’re doing to our planet through a chameleon who might’ve been a little boy if wasn’t a reptile.
When the result is achieved in the end, we’re left with a question of what it is that we need to do to change how things are today. How do we make sure we don’t ruin the planet for the next generations. It’s not a question that has a quick answer, but one that will take a conviction from our children and their children after them; the sort of conviction we see in a little chameleon and his crusade to bring back some color back in to his life.

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