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- Hours 50 Minutes Minutes

Directed by

Trishla Patel

Written by

Vishal Capoor & Trishla Patel


Hindi, English



Age group

12 to 18 years, 18 years and above


Comedy, Musical

Total Cast and Crew



Lights : Amogh Phadake, Music : Sujay Shah, Backstage : Aashitosh Solanki, Nakul Tomar.

Set heavy production


Performing at alternative venues



‘Mayday’ is a farcical approach to a story inspired from the true events of the ill fated flight MH 17 which got shot down over Ukraine in 2015. Another flight going in the opposite direction happened to be just 90 sec away but did not get hit. This is not a docu-drama but a humorous observation of the true nature of people which emerges when they are suddenly in the midst of a life or death situation.

So this is the story of a few passengers and its crew, set on a Delhi – Amritsar flight. What happens when the flight actually is in danger. We explore the relationships and bonds which tie people together in such a scenario through humour and music and song and at 30,000 feet. So do join us on this entertaining flight. Safe landings to us all! Enjoy the ride!

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