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2 Hours 00 Minutes

Directed by

Aneesh Bhola

Written by



French, Hindi



Age group

18 years and above


Comedy, Experimental

Total Cast and Crew



Set heavy production


Performing at alternative venues



The Imaginary Invalid, comedy in three acts by Molière, produced in 1673 and
published in 1674 as Le Malade imaginaire. It was also translated as The
Hypochondriac. Molière wrote the play while ill, and he collapsed during his own
performance of the title role, that of Argan, a hypochondriac who fears death and
doctors. (Molière died later that day.)
Argan, a fearful but miserly hypochondriac, divides his time between summoning the
doctor to care for his ills and trying not to settle the resultant bills. He resolves to marry
his daughter, Angélique, to a medical student, hoping to acquire unlimited access to
gratis consultation. The chosen fiancé is an unattractive dolt, who would never interest
Angélique, even if she were not already in love with clever, handsome Cléante, who
poses as her music instructor.
Argan's wife, however, plans to send Angélique to a convent, removing her from the line
inheritance. At the urging of the sensible servant Toinette, he feigns death to test his
wife's affection only to discover her contempt. Again with the help of Toinette, the young
lovers convince Argan to liberate himself from the twin tyrannies of his ailing body and

his grasping physicians by becoming his own doctor. The play closes with the
physicians' lively examination of Argan and his entry into the profession.

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